What is backlink and how do you get a better ranking in 2023

 Do you want your site to be on top of search engine results? Have you ever wondered what backlinks are and what they are useful for SEO? I will tell you.

The backlink is one of the most important elements of page optimization for external search engines, Off-Page SEO, and it is the complement to the parts of the search engine optimization (SEO) process in which you can improve the results of your site in different search engines if you are an SEO specialist, or a website owner Or someone who wants to enter the world of SEO, this article is intended for you.

In it, we collected all the information you will need to build your new backlinks to your site. Beware, there are links that may harm your site and you will know why when you start diving into the article.

What is backlink and how do you get a better ranking in 2023

What is the backlink?

Backlinks are links that point to your site or one of its pages within another site and direct visitors and search engine spiders to that page. high value.

Backlinks in English are Backlinks, but in Arabic they are backlinks, and they have several names, such as Incoming links and Inbound Links, that is, incoming links, and they are also called way links because they make search engine crawlers move from one site to another site in one direction, which is one of the ways to improve search engines, which is Optimizing the pages externally for search engines.

Importance of BackLink

Backlinks play an important role in improving your site’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), as part of the power of the page or site from which you got the link goes. , which helps search engines like Google trust your site and the content you provide and thus increase its search ranking.

High-quality strong backlink metrics

Are all backlinks suitable! Surely you have heard someone say, “How do I get rid of links?” And here he means that there are some bad backlinks pointing to his site and he wants to get rid of them so as not to harm his site, because they will affect his results in the search engines, and will affect you also if you do not pay attention to the following metrics.

Relevance of the site and its relevance to your site

Before you think about getting a backlink, first choose the site you want to build on, as the site must be similar to your site in content or services, for example, if you own or run a women’s site that is interested in fashion, do not think about going to the stock exchange services site, or other you should consider fashion magazines and other fashion websites.

The value of the site to search engines

There is a metric that helps you know which sites are better, through Page Authority and Domain Authority. The more valuable each site is, the better that site you link to.

Page visits

The more you build a backlink on a page that has a high volume of traffic, the more visits you will get, and the click-through rate on your site link for high traffic is good.

The location of the link on the page

Positively and negatively the placement of your backlink on the page affects the rate of visits you will get because of the CTR.

Your type of link

Always make your site's link "Dofollow" to pass on page power, Nofollow links make search engine spiders not follow the link, and therefore you will not enter your site, and will not pass any power to it.

Note: Make sure that the site from which you want to get the backlink has a weak “Spam Score”, to get the result you want. You can find out this percentage through the MOZ tool, or by creating an account on the site and linking it to the toolbar on Chrome or any of the browsers that support it.

The difference between backlinks Dofollow and Nofollow

There are two types of backlinks or backlinks, the first type is Dofollow, and the second type is Nofollow, and here is the definition of each of them.

Dofollow backlink

This type of backlink conveys to you the authority of the newspaper that your site was linked to. If you link your site to its Page Authority 10, a portion of this number will be transmitted to you, and this will help your site to get a better ranking in search engines.

Also, the Do Follow link allows search engine spiders to enter your site through that page, which increases its power to Google.

backlink Nofollow

This type of backlink does not transfer any authority to you. Rather, it tells search engine spiders to ignore this link and not move to it, if it is useless in gaining power in front of search engines, and users are also not a problem with their transfer.

The most famous examples of this are the links of social media platforms such as Facebook, all links are (No Follow), but you will get free visits from your target audience and followers.

But the question is, which is better? In fact, the two types are useful according to your goals, as the (No Follow) link will give you free visits, which enhances the power of the page to users and search engines, and the (Do Follow) link will do the same but will make your page or website top the search engine results.

The most famous ways to create a free backlink for your site

You might be wondering what are the best ways to get a strong backlink! You can get the backlink in one of the following ways.

Get natural backlinks for free

This method is done when a site visitor takes advantage of the content you provide and places the link to your article or page inside his site, to count you as a backlink for free, and to get these links, create valuable content that benefits the audience and users.

Generate backlinks from comments

This method is done by writing a useful and fruitful comment on a topic on a blog and placing the link to your site in it so that the public and search engines can visit your site, and get to know it.

Building backlinks from the guest post

Construction differs from construction in that you do several works here to get the backlink, here you communicate with one of the site owners, writers, or search engine optimization officials, and ask him to link your site to a page, and one of the most famous examples used is the Guest Post. Where you write a specialized article for the site to publish on it, with the link to your site inside the article or in the description of the author.

How can you get a powerful backlink for free?

Some people think that the backlink is only way to get it, is by building it randomly on any site regardless of the quality of the site, but let me tell you about some of the ways you can get backlinks for free.

The first way to get a free backlink is to make a “Guest Post.” I know for sure that there are those who provide “Guest Post” services or host the article in a paid way but don’t worry, I will definitely guide you to get it for free.

First, search for the best sites and platforms in your field from which you intend to obtain backlinks, then examine the content of the site to find out what it is missing and select one topic, then write the topic in a coordinated and strong manner, then send an email to the site owner with a link to your article, asking He has to add the article to his article list. If your request is accepted, you will have obtained a free backlink.

The second way is to write a highly specialized article in your field, which includes all the information on the topic, and therefore you will pay everyone to give you a backlink for free, as you are a powerful resource for them.

The third method, which is the most popular, is to enter blogs in the field of your site or the site that you manage, which enables you to write in them freely and for free, such as Quora and Reddit, which are among the most famous blogs in all fields, write a strong article and publish it on the site for people to interact with you and be You may get a free backlink.

And after you have finished reading the article, you have all the information you need to build a backlink properly, by using the metrics that evaluate whether the link is useful to you or not, and you have 3 important strategies for building links, use the closest and easiest to you, the result is the same and the ways are different.

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